Slushees: A new Glee rp experience.

The Choir Room

The choir room was an important part of any show choir. New Directions, The Warblers, Vocal Adrenaline, Adams Apples, and Throat Explosion have all graduated and are either going to college, working, or finding success in their favored endeavors across the country. That being said, the choir room is a refuge. It is a place everyone(new and old) can meet, reconnect and stay in touch.

What we offer: Weekly group scenes, an awesome group of dedicated writers, A bi-weekly web show:Fondue for Two, Hit List/Awards, 100 Word Challenges, secrets, Weekly Free-For-All posts, games and movie nights as well as frequent community group chats using Chatzy and AIM.

Our game is primarily set in New York City. We do encourage people to join as any Glee character and to come up with their own back story using the show's past episodes as a guideline.

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✖ We are especially looking for: Santana Lopez, Noah Puckerman, Tina Cohen-Chang, Artie Abrams, Mercedes Jones, Mike Chang, Ryder Lynn, Unique Adams, Kitty Wilde, Bree, Dani (Demi Lovato), Penny Owens, Adam Crawford, Thad Harwood, Nick Duval & Hunter Clarington (Warblers), Jesse St. James, Joe Hart, Sugar Motta, Cooper Anderson, Dave Karofsky, Brody Weston, and more.

✖ Questions? Need a code to make a journal? Please comment this post and one of our mods will help.